• Berend Eberhardt

    Berend Eberhardt

    Of craft, Of might,
    Adventure and fight.

    For freedom and riches,
    And defending his breeches.

    He never backs down from
    Protecting his land.
    Ready to bludgeon with his
    Hammer in hand.
    (Though he may put it aside
    If there's a brew to imbibe)

    They call him
    Berend Eberhardt!
    A man self-determined
    To the bone.
    With a mind arrow-sharp,
    And a fist that can
    Ground stone.

    First Appearance
  • Schatzi


    Berend's loyal beast
    Of the species Riesig-Viehisch.
    Saved while caught in the
    cruel fangs of a grumbling Snot-Fish.

    In the shallows of a mud pond,
    Schatzi was wading for dinner,
    Then shooting from the muck
    The fish chomped with his grinner,
    Clenched any tighter and 'ol
    Schatzi would be much thinner.

    Luckily, good Berend saw,
    And he speared the finned devil.
    Together they ate it, whole and raw,
    An easy friendship, on the level.

    First Appearance
  • Adelind Fuchs

    Adelind Fuchs

    If not bewitched by her eyes
    Full of cunning and wit,
    If the art of her brew doesn't
    Make you drool like a silly git,
    If her true-tongued manner
    Doesn't put you to the test,
    And her measurable whole doesn't
    Burst your heart from your chest.

    Well friend, you just might be dead,
    Not inside, but in the ground,
    Last seen stumbling in a muddle,
    falling in the street, face in a puddle.

    So whether ghoul, hag, or demon,
    Or some other unscrupulous heathen,
    It's best to leave Teufeldorf in peace,
    Rather than Ms. Fuchs take defense,
    And shoot out your teeth.

    First Appearance
  • Shrat


    "A thief! A thief!"
    They yell at Shrat
    "A cretin! A scoundrel!
    The size of a rat!"
    He lives alone
    In the hollow of a tree
    "That Shrat! That rat!
    Short, fat, and ugly!"

    He'd dig up your grave to steal your
    Jewels. Then steal your teeth, your
    Hair, and your bones just to be cruel.

    That Shrat sure is
    A dirty little thief.
    He has no qualms
    He carries no grief.
    He'd steal your soul
    But alas, he's just a thief.

    First Appearance
  • The Rag People

    The Rag People

    Decrepit of mind,
    They revel in slime.
    There are many,
    That make the one.

    The Rags...

    Bombs and knives,
    To take out lives.
    If they come empty-handed,
    they'll use their teeth.

    The Rags...

    No matter if monster or man,
    They are a devilish clan.
    If you see one on the horizon,
    be prepared to meet the horde.

    The Rags...

    First Appearance
  • Dr. Korbinian Reiniger

    Korbinian Reiniger

    The Reiniger family practice
    Has never been in mental health,
    Though the method to their madness
    Has always been madness itself.

    Sure his brain has been wired
    To too many machines, BUT
    That doesn't make his capacity lean.
    At the advent of an idea,
    He sparks and he whirrs!
    Hellbent to create, but falling to err,
    Making Herr Reininger quite insecure.

    Then the fire takes hold again!
    Until more abandon sets in!
    So it will go, day after day until
    The doctor is out, his mind at bay.
    Lost where nothing matters,
    Nothing but grey.

    First Appearance
  • Peter, Hans, and Fritz

    Peter, Hans, & Fritz

    The three bearded brothers
    Raised on the outskirts of Teufeldorf,
    Born of three weird mothers,
    Who bedded the same vigorous dwarf.

    They spent their youth in the woods
    Where hunting became their trade.
    Though they sold the finest goods.
    Their abundance never got them laid.
    So after years in the nitty-gritty,
    Climbing trees and sleeping in caves,
    They built a cabin in the city,
    Hoping to avoid lonely graves.

    Their pants remain tight and high.
    After years with no such luck.
    One can't help but look and sigh,
    They've never had a chance to--
    Well, Maybe women just think they suck!

    First Appearance
  • The Wizard Who Has Not Yet Spoken His Name

    The Wizard
    With No Name

    He came through the trees,
    With a burst of light,
    And just like that,
    he was out of sight.

    Beneath the hood
    Where nobody can see,
    There is a face,
    There is a mystery.
    Beyond his power,
    His magic, his might,
    Is his soul is starless,
    and driven by the screams of night?
    Nothing is known, nil, and far less.
    His soul may be a message of light.

    So whether you accept him,
    Or run far, far away,
    This wizard, this enigma,
    He may just be there anyway.

    First Appearance