Whether the stories were coming from comics, movies, novels, or his friend's mouths, John has always loved them. He had always loved writing as well, but never really found a solid form to present his ideas in until he discovered webcomics. When everything else seems so out of grasp, webcomics were something he could create and publish himself as long as he had artists to work with. On a personal level, webcomics are about the individual effort put into them. They can succeed, fail, or in most cases just drift along all dependent on how much the creator believes in his work.

Starting back in 2006 with Coffee Time and Across the Way, he and his friend and creative partner Tobias returned in 2013 with Tales of Hammerfist, and now in 2014 he brings you The Black Wall and Ham-Fisted Tales. John lives in Reno, Nevada with his beautiful wife Jessica and their cat Stinky

Eric's work on Tales of Hammerfist starts with Episode 7. A simple, aspiring comic artist living in the Philippines. He has been drawing since kindergarten, but doing it professionally for 8 years now. Eric draws from morning till midnight, working to get better at it everyday.

Check out Eric's other work at Deviant Art. Aside from his work on Tales of Hammerfist, Eric's other comic projects include: Inhumane, Primus, Tales of Legend, Kestrel, Dragon Five, and Apartment B.

He enjoys creating in almost any creative medium he's able to. Originally an architect of sounds, he now helps to tell stories through the lettering of comics. His abilities also extend to typography and type design, and he is always learning different aspects of design to better his work. In addition to working on the three Coffee Time Comics, his other eclectic lettering projects include a TMNT Fan Short, Koralovski, and the funded kickstarter Liberty: Deception.

Here are his Portfolio and Twitter.

Tobias is responsible for the art and lettering seen in the Prologue, Episodes 1 through 6, and the art in Episode 8. He is also the co-creator of Tales of Hammerfist. Tobias was born in Germany, the land of beer and chocolate. He has been drawing since the day he lifted his first crayon and has never looked back. Still a starving artist, he has also taken on the roles of husband and father. He has high hopes that the new inception of this website will be the next step towards a more freeing life as an artist.

To see more from Tobias check out his art blog or his portfolio.

Stephen is responsible for the colors used for the Prologue and Episodes 1 through 6. This child grew up in the mythical land of Avalon, surrounded by the glistening waters of the Pacific. His power to manifest creatures, ideas, and places from his mind developed at a young age. Nurturing this gift through the art of moving pictures, still movies, and anything creative bound, his powers grew with him into adulthood. He strives to master this magical art, wandering the land using his skills for anyone in need of scrolls of design or drawing.

What's Stephen up to with his personal art? There's two places to find out! Go to his art blog or his Deviant Art page.