This story largely takes place in Teufeldorf, a bustling, midsize city that is located in the land once known as Fesselvolk (conveniently now called Old Fesselvolk). The makeup of the land is not too far off from one that you would know, just minor differences really, you know, wizards, witches, giants, rag people, cave creepers, and thieves that are at best knee high.

But really, those are the biggest differences. The rest of the world is mostly recognizable. People work. They exchange in commerce. Folks ride horses just like you or me. Berend (the guy you want to pay attention to in the story) he rides a Reisig-Veihisch named Schatzi, but I guess unless you read the comic (the character section really) you wouldn't know what that is. Besides the Reisig-Veihisch, an actual familiar site in this world is the hankering people have for beer. That's something we can all understand unless of course you prefer wine, spirits, or maybe water. Beer doesn't sustain them or anything, these people do drink other liquids, it just happens that beer is all we see them drink and half the time it's some kind of potion concoction that knocks them out.

Maybe a better way to describe the world is with the psyche of the people, not with what they do or ride. Reading Tales of Hammerfist is like looking in a mirror. When the people of Teufeldorf get together they become a mad, emotional mob and lose control of their...never mind.

I think it'd be safer for me, and intuitive for you to just read the comic. All you need to know is there (especially after the second act).

The Story So Far: ACT I

As perfect sense would have it, Berend Eberhardt has moved to the small city of Teufeldorf right as things have started getting weird. Being no stranger to adventure, he doesn't mind a break from his metal shop here and there, especially if the day ends with a pile of gold.

That's not quite the case when he finds a thief a little short of breath passed out with a map in his hands. Berend takes it upon himself to finish the journey, and though he loses a chunk of flesh, he gains a mysterious medallion which he uses as decoration fro his hammer.

Now Berend is a man who enjoys life's pleasures, whether it be drinking, fighting, or birding (which is like fishing, but with birds). So it wasn't too long before he found The Half Full, a pub run by Adelind Fuchs, a woman of great stature who is known from city to city as the most knowledgeable brewer in all of Old Fesselvolk. Within Teufeldorf she is well-respected, a strong voice and mediator who often holds council for the town in her pub.

One group she gets no respect from is rabble of outsiders known as the Rag People, a mysterious group of pint-sized hellions who have recently started appearing in the area surrounding Teufeldorf. After one of these toadstool-tyrants stumbled out of Adelind's bar and got himself killed, his brother attacked The Half Full with revenge on his mind. While this is going down, Berend decides to step in and try his hand at saving the day. While doing a decent job at it, Adelind decides her problems are her own and blasts the raggedy-devil to bits.

This won't be berend's last run-in with the Rags. He meets them again soon after while spending a fine day birding off of a cliff. While doing so he spies a giant falling from that very cliff and watches as the Rags assemble soon after to harvest the organs of the monster.

The mystery behind the motives of these creatures deepens, but not for long as we see them catapulting the giant's organs to the secret underground lair of the town doctor, Korbinian Reiniger, a manic fellow whose motives are just as curious. While in the middle of some knowledge absorption he is called back to town.

When above ground at his practice he comes off as a humble, yet persnickety man who is there to help even if it is only to hide his hidden agenda. When he arrives at his doctor's office, the three hunter brothers Hans, Fritz, and Peter burst through his front door in need of help. Peter has been mauled by a large creature unknown to their area, and then subsequently saved by a powerful, and -- yup -- mysterious wizard.

Peter soon peters out which moves Adelind to call for a town meeting at her pub. It doesn't go too well and the mob takes over quickly looking for someone to blame. Adelind shows off some of her skill in potions and provides a purple haze on the populace to keep them from lynching Berend.

And thus, welcome to the strange world of Tales of Hammerfist, where nobody knows what the hell is going on, but everyone is soon to find out.